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if you have need for my expertise in structural steel, automated detailing systems, metal buildings, mezzanines, steel stairs and handrail, and general conventional steel construction including full architectural project management for development of design, code check, permiting, and full construction sets, do give me a call. My preference is to layout the structural steel framing in step with the work order and construction drawings and engineering calculations and then to hand off the final detailing to the Tekla users. Of course, laying out the grid, framing and general connections would best be done right inside Tekla for the detailers to step and and finalize, however, i can foresee this getting done right in Revit and imported to Tekla to a large degree. Either way, with a short refresher course in tekla, I could see using it as my main tool. I can also author and develop other stand alone detailing tools to detail components not derived from the model. I also offer Database connectivity for extraction of the bill of material, with capability for other additional value added functionality within or as an interface to the databases either the tekla database or the 3d architectural model. I think there is enough to offer here to gain your interest in my services to your organization for a mutual benefit. Give me a call anytime. I prefer to work as an independent contractor from my location using a remote connection to your office and to your servers. Lets talk soon, gregory krouse www.gak-architecture.weebly.com
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