адвокат в Днепропетровске

Адвокат Запорожье, юрист – предоставляет юридическую помощь и защиту по уголовным, гражданским, хозяйственным и административным делам. Представительство по делам об административных правонарушений.
Опыт работы более 20 лет.
Все юридические консультации по телефону бесплатно: +380960829250 viber, WhatsApp, telegram.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/advokat69zp/?r=nametag
Хорошо разбираемся и помогаем по военным делам, наследство, семейные споры, медицинское право, земельные и жилищные дела, кредитные споры.
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Business partnership


We provide funding through our venture capital company to both start-up
and existing companies either looking for funding for expansion or to
accelerate growth in their company.
We have a structured joint venture investment plan in which we are
interested in an annual return on investment not more than 10% ROI.
We are also currently structuring a convertible debt and loan financing
of 3% interest repayable annually with no early repayment penalties.
If you have a business plan or executive summary, I can review to
understand a much better idea of your business and what you are looking
to do, this will assist in determining the best possible investment
structure we can pursue and discuss more extensively.
If you are interested in any of the above, kindly respond to us via this
email. waheedalgore@alarisinvestmentgroup.org

Gmail: waheedalgore22@gmail.com

Waheed Algore
Head of Finance
Al Aris Investment Group



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